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︎︎︎ OnePlus + Hasselblad

I was very lucky to be called by Final Frontier and the unique Ariel Costa (Blink My Brain) to work on three animated teasers for the new product partnership between OnePlus and the iconic camera brand Hasselblad.

This is a case study we shared with the world.


Client OnePlus
Production Company Final Frontier
Executive Producers C. Colman, G. Karam & J. Zajaczkowski
Project Managers Jenny Song, Agustina Kröl
Production Assistant Yeeman Lin
Copywriters Jackie Zhang, Sid Osna & Cao Fang

Direction Ariel Costa (Blink My Brain)
Art Direction Maks Fede
Design Rocío Galarza, Maks Fede, Martín Ayerbe &
Ariel Costa
Animation Maks Fede, Martin Ayerbe, Ariel Costa & Rodrigo Lescano
Copywriter Hayley Mullen
3D Rodrigo Lescano
Music Production Company Cachorro Loco

Jan-Feb 2021


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